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Lucky for all, our Partners are outstanding. Offering an exceptional selection of contract furnishings and finishes from right here in Canada as well as select leaders abroad, we are proud to present our clients with an ever-increasing wealth of product potential and opportunity.

We’ve partnered with some of the most capable and accomplished Canadian and international manufacturers in the world and are proud to provide our clients with an outstanding selection of exceptional offerings and savvy solutions designed to satisfy any need or requirement. If you have something neat you think we should see or are interested in partnering with us, use the link below to send us a message and we’ll make sure we put eyes on it and let you know.

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With an increasingly vast selection of products, collections, and catalogues, it can feel overwhelming at times trying to find those perfect pieces needed to make a project perfect. We’re here to help. We routinely scour all production sources and regularly engage with our reps in order to provide innovative solutions for our clients. Feel free to inquire about anything, anytime, and we’ll get back to you with actionable info as quickly as we can.

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Below are a few featured looks at some of our select Partners currently in the spotlight. Feel free to visit and explore.

Teknion is a leading international manufacturer of intelligent, integrated product portfolios including office and wall systems, seating, storage, and a broad range of commercial furnishings based in Toronto.

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Quebec-based Rouillard is a renowned innovator in modern, comfortable ergonomic seating offering an assortment of office, task, lounge and bench seating as well as a variety of application-specific solutions.

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Founded in 1880, Kitchener-based Krug has continued to innovate and evolve through impeccable craftsmanship and exacting engineering standards producing exceptional commercial and healthcare furnishings.

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